Balancing the 4 fundamentals

The age of business conventionalism has disappeared!  We have for many years now been rapidly moving into a business environment where the impact of external factors and the ravenous appetite for change needs to be continually fed. The methods by which we used to develop, manage and strategize our businesses, now seems meaningless.

As entrepreneurs, we need flexible thinking and models that are useful in the global marketplace. We need to be able to engage fully with the individuals that deliver our business objectives, there needs to be something that current and future business practice can ‘grow’ into, re-model and re-invent itself when needed.

In order to achieve this I have developed a “model” which incorporates what I believe to be the 4 core fundamentals that need to be kept in  balance to ensure that any organisation can face change head, thrive within it and use it to its advantage. The 4 fundamentals are “Culture”, “Execution”, “Your People” and “The Environment”. From my 25 years of managing business change, these are what make up the ‘basic’ front end of the “Change The Way You Think” model below.

I believe that the “CTWYT” model can be used and adapted to assit you in your strategy development, management of change or just to motivate and develop team values. Download the PDF Brochure by clicking HERE

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